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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 27, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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great mistake that was made when he was released. comforting to know that the guy who killed nearly 200 americans is now hanging out with moammar gadhafi. that will do it for me, cnn newsroom continues right no with brooke baldwin. >> hello to all of you, i'm brook baldwin. we are talking debt again today, keep in mind the clock is ticking down, another day closer to default. now six days and counting. here's the deal, at this hour, the house of representatives has nothing to vote on, no rescue package because john boehner oversold that plan he promised back on monday night. now as the rest of washington waits here, speaker boehner has spent the day trying to find more cuts to a program that he re -- the same congressional bean counters who check
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boehner's plan has now checked harry reed's. today those same bean counters are saying, yep, reed's numbers are wrong as well. but they also say that when it's all said and done, reed's deficit cutting trumps boehner's by, listen to this, more a trillion dollars. reed's plan, ten years, $2.2 trillion in net debt reduction. meantime boehner's plan $850 billion. again, six days until default. so what about the white house here? no debt meetings, not today, at least not publicly on the president's schedule. so let's go to washington, to jane small she's a congressional correspondent of "time" magaz e magazine, friend of the show. glad to have you back on. help me understand this, we'll call it odd, this very odd
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moment between some house republicans that happened yesterday. some are vastly underwhelmed of the debt cutting plan of speaker john boehner. to get them together to rally around this, house leaders showed this clip from a gangster movie, jay newton-small, it's called "the town." this is a gangster movie, this is about bank robbers. let's watch. >> i need your help, i can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, but i'm going to hurt some people. >> which car are we going to take? >> jay, do we have a looming crisis at hand, six days left, billions of dollars at stake, congressman boehner drawing his inspiration from bank robbers? is there something wrong here? >> right after the scene, those two guys put on hockey masks and
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go bludgeon two other guys and shoot someone else through the leg. it is a little scary. and this is sort of what they're resorting to. >> i'm not sure what reaction they thought they would get, but we did get a reaction from a certain democratic senator. let's listen to what chuck schumer said about this. >> the republicans played a clip from a cops and robbers movie called "the town." in this scene they chose town spire their house freshman, one of the crooks gives a pep talk to the other, right before they put on hockey masks, bludgeon two men with sticks and a shoot a man through the leg. people are going to get hurt, but they have to go ahead and do it anyway. ladies and gentlemen, this is your house republican majority.
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>> jay newton-small, he sort of explained the next scene just as you did. but republicans actually leaked the fact that they watched this movie about bank robbers to fire the republicans up. >> it was effective, it was the only thing they have actually been able to get through to the republicans. allan west is a very known critic of the leadership leapt up and said i'll drive the car. they were just really excited that finally the freshman seemed to be getting on board with speaker boehner's bill with the deal that they're going to start on tomorrow so they leeked it saying they're going to be effective, moving the freshman along and this isn't the response that they were expecting. >> so it was a rallying moment i suppose. let's talk about the boehner plan, you have been writing about it extensively. should the house republicans manage, should they actually manage to pass this thing, is it
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something the senate could actually work with, pass an amended version with some more progress? >> absolutely not. the house -- speaker -- excuse me senate majority leader harry reed has said repeatedly over the week that he would not pass this bill, that democrats are absolutely against it, that the bill would die in the senate even if it manages to pass the house, which is still a question, because it's going to be very tight, even if it does manage to pass, the senate has said, no way, we're not going to pass this which leaves us with no legislation whatsoever. i know that harry reed is working on his own bill that he wants to introduce but that lacks republican support right now in the senate. so it's really kind of a jichgi mess here. >> let's further extrap late from the boehner plan. i know you're right about six possible paths here in this debate.
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what are some other possible plans, contingency plans, backups to the backups that could be in play today. >> we have gone beyond plan b and plan c, we're looking at x, y and z at this point. boehner says he wants to work with the republicans to craft a bill that can pass both chambers, so perhaps that bill can be changed enough to appease the republicans and the house. now the white house is saying they're working on contingency plans and legislation that might be able to be passed by both chambers in case that neither chamber or nobody in congress can come one a deal. >> jay newton-small, as dock brown in back to the future, road? where we're going, there are no roads. so we don't know what road we'll all be taking if we get a do.
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thank you so much for coming on to talk debt with me again. tea party republicans push their party not to raise the debt limit without substantial cuts to the national debt and to annual deficits and now tea party republicans are resisting compromise to do presigsly that today the tea party rallied on capitol hill, that's where we find jim acosta. do they think they're win ing. they do think they're winning and they're probably right at this point. they have moved this debate from what was once perhaps a clean debt ceiling raising that might have been contemplated in this city to a deal that's going to have to be reached, that's going to include some major debt reduction and these tea party house republicans who are very conservative on the deficit have made this happen and up on capitol hill, just a few hours ago, they were rallying their
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troops and they had a lot of support there from some pretty big members of congress, people like senator jim demint was up there essentially saying if the senate and the house don't agree to some sort of debt ceiling. so this was some pretty tough talk and i also had a chance, this was also a good place for republican presidential candidates to show up. i also had a chance to talk to herrmann cane who was there at this rally and he said something very interesting, they don't think that the country will go into default. they believe that the white house has the flexibility come august 2 if we hit the debt ceiling to pick and choose which programs get funded. social security checks might get money, but the environmental protection agency might not for
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example. so he feels and a lot of other tea party republicans who are up there also say that this is a manufactured crisis, by the white house to scare the american people. these are his words, herrmann cane's words, not mine. >> have heard several other movement leaders within the tea party saying the exact same thing that august 3 will be no different from august 2 and they're tea party republicans, increasing displeasure with house speaker boehner, with his new debt cutting plan and embarrassment. jim, from talking to some of these men and women, did you sense really at the rally today a rebellion in the ranks against the speaker of the house? >> i don't know if we can quite call it a rebellion just yet as jay was just mentioning to you a few moments ago, folks like allen west are starting to get behind this speaker, the speaker reportedly said in a meeting with congress this morning, get your butts in line, except for the word butts, he did a different word there that i
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can't repeat on this channel at this hour. but and apparently there are house freshman who are members of the house who are thinking about getting behind their speaker at this point. but this could go right until the deadline, and if you listen to the folks up on capitol hill today and a lot of their powerful supporters up there, this might get pushed to the very brink at the very last second and we're going to have to see what happens in the end. >> keeping it clear on cnn in the afternoon. we have heard plenty now, weeks worth in fact from the folks in washington. but i have to tell you, when i'm out and about, when i'm walking my dog up and down the street, i go out grocery shopping, this debt limit stuff, not what i'm hearing, we have gone out to try to find out from you, what different americans are saying about this government defaulting on its death. take a listen. >> i'm on disability, so i don't
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get that check, i can't pay my rent, i'll be homeless. i'll be on the phone talking with senators, everybody, you know, people need to get on the horn for real. >> i'm a small business owner so i just want to make sure that it doesn't impact interest rates and mortgages which in turn stops people from fixing up their houses or buying new ones. >> i don't go for the whole armageddon or any of that nature, but i think philosophically, there is a crisis coming where we're all going to have to assume a different lifestyle and for some who aren't prepared, it's going to be, you know, a bomb, pardon the word. >> count with me, six days left, we're going to continue to keep track where your conversation is going. coming up next here, we are getting some brand-new video in to us here at cnn from oslo, norway, showing the precise moments when those blasts went off last friday.
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plus we'll check in with cnn's nic robertson who returned from that farm where the shooter stored six tons of explosives. and i'll be speaking with a mother whose teenaged daughter, she is 16, she was at that youth camp when the shooting rampage went down and her daughter who is okay texted her the entire time, two hours worth, she's sharing some of those texts, back in a moment. hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind doing it again? last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the chevy cruze with the my chevrolet app. the remote control car is finally here. well, now she's just playing with us. oh. [ horn honks ]
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unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. gripping stories of fear and bravery being told now by many, many survivors of the gunman's terror rampage at a youth political camp on a remote
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island in norway. in just a couple of minutes, i'm going to be speaking with a mother, a woman whose daughter was on that very island and had the stunning presence of mind to text her mother through this whole ordeal, it's an amazing account of the massacre on toyra island. we have the video of the moment norway's calm was shattered. you can see it very clearly shakes, this is from the bomb blast. surveillance cameras from there in oslo. confused, frightened shoppers obviously running out of there. right now i want to bring you cnn's senior correspondent nic robertson and he has been by the farm owned by the man who -- some of the police efforts to wipe out a dangerous, dangerous stockpile of materials from making bombs. nic, explain to me how they're
12:16 pm
getting rid of this stuff. >> what brievik has -- so they are blowing up on site putting some tnt on it and blowing it up right out there on the farm. >> i know we have some video of that, i know it was an exclusive, here it is. blowing up bits and pieces of this fertilizer, will they, nic, will they be able to use any of this fertilizer as evidence in their case against breivik or are they blowing it now? >> they've got the army in there, the bomb disposal team, they've got police investigators, they've got forensic teams there, this is the place where the attacks were planned. this is the place where he hid
12:17 pm
away in the rest of the world to plan his dastardly deed. >> 76 people died in this shooting from friday and i think a lot of people are stunned when they hear that the maximum prison sentence in norway is 21 years. could there be an exception made in this particular case, nic? >> reporter: well the prime minister talked about it today if it's a case of the security of the country, if he potentially poses a threat at the end of that period, absolutely there's a case that could be made that he could be held longer, so he may never get out, but it's expected to be more than a year before he even gets into court, brooke. >> looking ahead in terms of security here, is the norwegian government at all planning any
12:18 pm
changes, beefing up security? >> what they're saying is and i talked to the head of intelligence here yesterday. what they're saying is this is a lone wolf, a one man case, everything he did to plan for this is within the law or at least the steps that he took to get this far were inside the law, but the law has been broken so many ways. they don't feel that there is another threat like his out there. he's talked about other cells operating with him. there's this possibility that not all the fertilizer is accounted for. so they're very concerned about that, they're trying to nail all of that down right now, but they don't believe that any threat assessment should be raised, they're not changing their threat assessment from where it was before the attack to where it is today. but they're very aware, there's a lot of points on the investigation they've got to nail down, brooke. >> nic robertson that each and every time we check in on this story it continues to grow.
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this is a story we're following out of texas where police have discovered the dismembered body of a missing mother of two. the children's father and his wife have now both within charged with her murder, but there is so much more to the story, back in a moment. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly, with no teaser rates and no minimum deposit to open. it's just the right thing to do. on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds!
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a chide cust -- a child custody fight spins out of control that ends up in this creek in texas and three children who may never know either of their parents. let me start here by introducing several of those involved in this gory drama. if you have children in the room, here's a chance to walk them out.
12:22 pm
here's lori acker son, a working mother with two young sons. then there is this couple, grant hayes and his new wife amanda, they have a 1-year-old baby daughter, hayes is a musician, he's also laura acker son's ex-boyfriend and the father of her boys. s hayes and his new wife killed acker son, they cut her into pieces then they're accused of packing her remains in this cooler, stuffed them in a rented u-haul trailer, drove from north carolina to texas and dumped her remains in a murky creek southwest of houston. that is where divers equipped with sonar found a head, a torso and a part of a leg. now dna tests have been conducted and they indeed are a match for 27-year-old laura
12:23 pm
ackerson, mother of two grant and amanda hayes have been arrested in north carolina. both were in court yesterday. i want you to watch what the judge told amanda hayes, she gave birth to a daughter just over a month ago, listen. >> ms. hayes you're charged with first-degree murder. if convicted or if you plead guilty to that offense, the maximum punishment will be life without parole or the death penalty. and i'm going to go ahead and appoint the public defender to represent you. if for some reason you want to hire your own lawyer, that's always an option. thank you, ma'am. and bond, there isn't a bond. >> grant hayes is also being held without bond in that very same charge. his father is caring for the children he had with laura ackerson and amanda hayes. andrea, what a horrific story. i know you have been digging on this, you've been looking at a
12:24 pm
custody fight here between laura ack ackerson and grant hayes. how would you characterize it. >> this has been a lengthy custody battle. i was in the courthouse today in kingston, north carolina where all the paper work has been filed and there are hundreds of pages of motions and counter motions in this case. now grant hayes and laura ack ackerson appear to have lived for a while in the virgin islands together and that appears to have been done when they returned. they mo laura moved to north carolina and grant appears to have moved to new york city. i talked with a former boyfriend of laura ackerson today and he had just reconnected with her, just a few days before she went missing. and in some of the e-mails that they exchanged, she mentioned that once she returned from the virgin islands, she's been in court ever since, she described the situation as rough. from what we could gather from
12:25 pm
the documents, it appears where they were at this point was that they were in the process of having a psychological evaluation of the children and of course we do know how this story tragically ended. we learned yesterday from the police department that the children involved have been evaluated by child protective services and are now with some family members. >> it's clear that she made friends, perhaps even some family members aware about this brutal battle that's been going on for a lengthy amount of time. did she ever express fear to these family members or friends, fear perhaps that she could lose her life? >> reporter: well, what we know from laura ekkerson's brother, she has a brother that lives here in raleigh. he described grant hayes as controlling and manipulative and he said when they were together it was hard to contact laura because he was very fearful.
12:26 pm
he did not go into much detail as to what she was fearful of or if there were threat issues but he did say he wished that he and his family had taken the matter for seriously. but a lot of people here in raleigh are surprised because grant hayes is somebody that a lot of people know, he's a local musician and a local artist and he has played a lot of these venues so i talked with a lot of people who know him from the music scene and they're shocked, because they say he's very charismatic and very energetic into his music. so a lot of people here just really shaking their heads, but of course it seems that it's people that were very close to ackerson did know about this very bitter custody battle. >> andrea, stay on it. and if there are any other developments we'll have you back on definitely. but it's a horrendous story about a mother of two. thank you so much. and record breaking rainfall causing devastation here, look at these pictures, this is south
12:27 pm
korea, a landslide kills dozens, leaves hundreds homeless. coming up why the situation is likely to get worse. and still to come, i will be speaking with a woman who exchanged harrowing text messages with her daughter who was at that youth camp last friday when that madman opened fire. she's sharing those texts with me. don't miss this. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow.
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checking some of your top stories now, south korea issuing
12:30 pm
a national crisis warning after a devastating landslide. look at this, heavy rains caused a hillside to simply give way. this is east of seoul right around midnight. at least 30 people are dead. rescuers rushing to dig survivors out of these collapsed homes. rains have inundated the area for the past two months and more rain is expected this week. some sad news today for olympic fans, 29-year-old jar relate petter son has taken his own life. police say peterson had called 911 and said he was going to kill himself. they also found a suicide note in his car parked in a remote canyon. and news from wall street, dunkin' doughnuts making its way due. dunkin' brands are up for grabs in today's initial public
12:31 pm
offering. three private equity firms still own about three-quarters of the company, and despite it's name, dunkin' actually sells more coffee than it does doughnuts. the story you have to stick around to watch. i'll be speaking with a mother of a teenaged girl who was at that youth camp on a remote island in norway where a man opened fire and killed dozens of people. she text messaged her mother for two hours. don't miss this. called biofilm? biofilm germs are strong enough to survive daily brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula goes deep to penetrate biofilm, kill germs and protect your mouth for up to 12 hours. aaaahhhh... [ male announcer ] for a deeper clean, fight biofilm with listerine®.
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what are you are about to see here is enough to send chills down the spine of anyone, especially you wants, but it also shows the amazing presence of mind of a 16-year-old girl under amazing pressure, pressure no child should ever, ever experience, but it also highlights the amazing calm of a mother caught up in this life or death exchange with her precious daughter. i want to read for you the
12:35 pm
harrowing text messages exchange between mary ann bremness and her 16-year-old daughter julie who was tropiced on the island during friday's terror attack. mommy tell the police that they must be quick, people are dying here. i'm working on it julie, the police are on the way, dare you call me? no, tell the police that there is a mad man running around and shooting people and please hurry. it is going well julie, police are calling us now, give us a sign of life every five minutes, pleas. okay, we are in fear for our lives, i understand that very well, my darling, stay hidden, do not move anywhere, the police are already on their way if they have not already arrived. do you see anyone injured or killed? we are hiding in the rocks along the coast. i love you, even if i still
12:36 pm
misbehave from time to time and i'm not panicking, even if i'm [ expletive ] scared. i know that my darling, we love you very much. do you still hear shooting? no the person shooting is said to be in police uniform. be careful. what happens to you now? we do not know. can you talk now? no, he is still shooting. joerge has swum to the shore. i just spoke to his father. this is everywhere. be careful. we are waiting to be picked up by the police, we heard shooting just now, so we dared not get up. good, good well done. the evacuation is now ongoing, they are saying on tv. we hope we will be picked up by someone soon, can they not catch him soon? should we try to get the flight home tomorrow? i have no time to think about
12:37 pm
that now. do you know if they managed to catch him? we will keep you posted my darling, we are following everything on television. hey, are you there? yes, the helicopters are circling above us. then you should be okay? they're looking for people in the water. we have not been picked up yet. what are they saying in the news? the police are also arriving by boat to utoeya, we are not sure what's happening now, we are waiting for them to pick you up. now they have taken him. and the mother with the text messages you just heard, that is mary ann bremness, i read them today, just hearing them again, it gave me goose bumps, how did
12:38 pm
you feel listening to that? >> i understand that this sounds so really dramatic and so it was. so it gave me goose as well to hear it again. >> i want to ask you about your daughter, 16 years of age, she survived. i know some of her best friends did not. how is she doing today? >> she has her ups and downs. but mostly she's doing fine. i think we had to see in the long-term how it will go. we don't know any consequences yet. >> let's go to friday afternoon, your daughter julie calls you, the first words out of her mouth is mom, don't panic. as a mom, did you panic? >> i didn't. she called us and then she said, mom, don't panic, there's a man shooting here.
12:39 pm
so i didn't know what to believe because i thought there was some sort of game or something. so i didn't realize at first how serious this was. >> it was. yet on the news, perhaps you thought this man must have had a toy gun. at what point mary ann did this resonate with you when you realized this very real. >> i realized after the first message because the news were so occupied by the bomb explosion in oslo, so the news didn't know anything about this at that time. so -- but when the first text message came, then i realized this was for real. >> how close was your daughter to breivik. >> she says that he was about approximately 50 to 100 meters away from them. he was coming down, they were
12:40 pm
together as a group from this region. and they had had a meeting because of the bomb explosion in oslo and he was coming, walking down the road on the island. he was -- they thought it was a policeman coming to inform them about the bomb explosion. but then they suddenly saw that he turned around and shot someone on the road. and then they panicked and they ran away. in every direction. >> where did your daughter run? where did she hide? >> she ran down to the shore and she hide under an overhang. behind some rocks. >> so she hid under rocks, meantime shooting is happening in every different direction? and now you're getting these
12:41 pm
text messages and you're trying to comprehend what she's going through. how hopeless did you feel? >> as helpless as everything, because i didn't know really what to do other than text her. that was the only way i could help her and that was the only way to see and understand that she was alive, so i was lucky because i had contact with my daughter all the time. a lot of parents heard about this on the news and they knew that their kid was there and they didn't hear anything before late in the evening. so they were really terrified. i had contact with my girl all the time. >> mary anne, i want to point out one specific text your daughter julie texted. mom and dad, i love you, even though i'm cross with you sometimes. why did that really strike a nerve? why did you know then that she was seriously in trouble?
12:42 pm
>> because she doesn't normally write that in her texts to us. so when she wrote that, i knew she was really, really terrified. and then i almost started to cry because i really felt helpless and really felt despair they didn't know what to do. other than calm her down. >> she doesn't often text i live yolive -- i love you, so what were those final moments when you could throw your arms around your daughter on saturday. >> we had no words, we just cried and cried and cried, she and me and her father and her brother, we just held our arms around each other and hugged and cried and kissed, and you know, that was a fantastic moment. >> maryann bremnes thank you for sharing your story about your daughter julie and i'm so sorry for all the other families whose
12:43 pm
endings are not the same as yours in norway. >> straight ahead, the hotel house keeper who claims former imf chief dominique straus-kahn taking -- and is al qaeda on the brink of collapse? back after this. ♪ ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ they'll be chevy's to bring them home.
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available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? that meeting comes days after this maid appeared on nbc news. she also shared her story with "newsweek" magazine, telling her side of the story. prosecutors are telling their side of the investigation. i want to bring in susan candiotti. what happened at the meeting today? >> well, you know what? that's a good question, it's still going on, it started at about 10:00 this morning, so it's approaching the fifth hour
12:46 pm
of that meeting. so we have had no reports about what's happening. certainly everyone in that meeting is well aware that this week ms. diallo had decided to tell her story to abc news and "newsweek." because she said she was very concerned that she wants a jury to hear her story. she wants that chance. and by going public clearly she and her civil lawyer are trying to put as much pressure as they can on this prosecutor's office to move forward with the case. and it's not clear now whether they will because of credibility issues they have uncovered with issues of her past. not so much on the story, they said she's been credible on what she says has happened to her. but dominique strass-kahn has not been forthright. >> did these interviews that
12:47 pm
came out very publicly this week, how would they further her standing with prosecutors? >> well, you know, it's unclear. certainly prosecutors cannot control what this woman wants to say, they can't for bid her from speaking publicly about what happened to her. it could of course cause an issue if they take this to trial and before a jury because it certainly has the possibility of giving additional ammunition for people to cross-examination her to make sure that each time she explains what she says happened to her matches up. certainly one of the things that they were expected to have them talk about in the meeting today with prosecutors is that she and her lawyer wanted to hear a recorded jailhouse phone call that we have talked about quite a bit. when a day or two after the attacks, she got a call from a friend of hers who was in jail in arizona. and no one has heard a transcription of that, only a
12:48 pm
paraphrase that prosecutors claim she said, only from sources, words to the effect of i know what i'm doing, he has a lot of money. leading people to think maybe she was after him for his money. later she said i want to hear that, when i speak of that conversation played back, let's hear it again, we don't trust your translation, she denies she ever said those words and it's one of the things she and her attorney wanted to discuss and wanted to hear from prosecutors to play back that call. >> if you do get an update from the manhattan d.a's office, whether they take the case or not. and still to come here, you know who al qaeda is, but have you heard of this militant islamist group al shabaob, the newest terror threat to the united states, who are they and what's their link to osama bin laden?
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
new york congressman peter king says the threat of americans being recruited by muslims is greater than reported. the congressman claims in hearing number three on the subject of islamic radicalization in the united states, the new york congressman claims that more than 40 americans have gone to somalia after being recruited by a group aligned by al qaeda. he also says that some of those on the ground are americans posing a threat. >> more than two dozens were al shabaab trained by al qaeda leaders are unaccounted for. >> we'll get to that point in a moment. but first, members of the homeland security committee agree there's a threat, but
12:52 pm
member after member today disagreed with king over his focus on muslims only and somalia in particular. >> when we become fixated on a familiar group of people, we take our eyes off the prize and then we become -- we become even more vulnerable because the unexpected happens. the unexpected, like in norway happens. a. >> so should the u.s. have a wider view of who poses a threat and where they come from? let's talk to our next guest, the director of international security at the asia pacific foundation. and first, you know, al shabaab here, congressman king says -- i think he specifically said two dozen americans have been recruited by this terror group, this militant group. u.s. officials actually say the number is half that, but how
12:53 pm
concerned should americans be when they hear that number? that they could be on american soil, some of them? >> the worry, brooke, is when there's going to be blowback. we know that some american so malis ha malis have carried out terrorist attacks against the african union troops. some have been americans who have been suicide bombers. the first american suicide bomber carried out his attack in 2008 in somalia. the worry is that at some point, the individuals, instead of carrying out attacks abroad may come back to the u.s. and may plot and plan attack against the whole society. we've seen that in other countries like in the united kim kingdom where people were traveling to pakistan, then they came back to the uk. the worry is that america has similar challenges and parallels. >> and apparently according to some reports i saw today, that's
12:54 pm
exactly what osama bin laden was hoping for, targeting specifically somalia and members of al shabaab to do just that, attack the u.s. according to u.s. officials, al qaeda is on the brink of collapse. if that happens, what other groups, what other factions would be ready to step in and fill the void? is that even what would happen? >> transnational terrorism has diversified. it's no longer about one group. bin laden's ideology has po live rated since 9/11. there are outfits who have their own resources, leadership, cell strauk chur, design and commitment to plot and commitment transnational attacks. one leading element has been the al qaeda franchise in yemen that has tried to target the united states over the last few year, especially going after the aviation industry. al shabaab which is next door in somalia is another group that's concerning.
12:55 pm
and the worry is that at some point al shabaab may form an alliance, making the group all that more lethal and deadly. >> but to that one congresswoman's point, then i have to let you go. if we are fixated on one group, then that takes our, you know, eyes off of something else and swrun like breivik over in norway could seek and reek terror somewhere. i mean, we can't have a narrow scope here. >> ultimate li, u.s. law enforcement intelligence is monitoring threats through electronic chatter through direct intelligence that they believe pose a direct concern. the issue of breivik in norway is a new dynamic. it's a worrying dynamic. but it's a different type of terrorism. you have an individual that identified multiculturism, and the left wing as his primary enemies with al qaeda, it's predominantly the west that are deemed to be the threat. we shouldn't be fixated on one group or one entity, because
12:56 pm
that is always a mistake. but we do have to look at where the predominant threats have been and that is mostly linked to transnational terrorism. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> still to come, wolf blitzer has the news in the political ticker. as we know wolf, you're fired up about the debt ceiling debate. let's say that it is still the economy, stupid. and i'm going to be talking to the tea party movement leader who calls house speaker john boehner an embarrassment. what does he offer up as a solution to the debt ceiling crisis? and how influential is the tea party movement to the debate? hey can i play with the toys ?
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
reid says the boehner plan isn't going to paz in the senate, although boehner thinks he can do it in the house. the difference between these two plans is that the reid plan would require another vote next year in the middle of presidential election season,
1:00 pm
congressional election season to further raise the debt ceiling. the harry reid proposal -- the boehner plan, i should say, would require another vote. the harry reid plan would allow the debt ceiling to be raised now, it wouldn't have to be raised again until 2013, after november 2012 elections. that's a huge difference right now. we have to see if these two sides can work out some sort of compromise. a lot of people are getting very nervous right now because that clock, as you know, brooke, is ticking and ticking and ticking. i don't know if you've looked at the markets. they're about to close right now. the dounl was down about 200 points. the nasdaq was down about 70 points. this is, you know, a continuing situation. if the markets get jittery about what washington is up to, and there you see, down 196 points, the dow jones hasn't technically closed yet, it's going to be a sure sign to lawmakers in washington to go ahead and work
1:01 pm
out some sort of compromise because so much is at stake right now. and i don't know if you saw the blog post that i did today, brook, did you have a chance to see it yet? >> just the economy, stupid. >> it's the economy, stupid. >> it's still the economy, stupid. i go through the comparisons in '95 and '96 when bill clinton was facing emboldened republicans yet he managed to get himself re-elected in '96 and what president obama is going through right now as he seeks re-election. i'll tell our viewers to go to room. jay carney, the white house press secretary will be joining us. we'll get the latest from him on what the president is trying to do to resolve this matter. and we also have a serious debate coming up. joe walsh is a tea party republican, an activist in the house of representatives. allen west, another tea party
1:02 pm
activist, they disagree on boehner's plan. we're going to have a debate between these two republicans in the situation room. all that coming up in an hour. >> wolf, thank you very much. now watch this. just six more days now until washington could run out of money to pay its bills. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. who is really in charge here? today, the tea party rallies in washington, while warning republicans, do not cave. but will house speaker john boehner listen? >> most of the elected members of congress understand there is no option here. we pay the bills that we' already run up. a missing mother oof two murdered and dismembered. now the children's father and his wife are charged. >> you plea guilty to that
1:03 pm
offense? maximum punishment will be life without parole or the death penalty. >> t the hotel housekeeper takes her case to the manhattan prosecutors, but will they believe her? >> almost all of the physical evidence supports her case. >> and yes, it's come to this. ♪ raise the debt ceiling welcome back to hour two. let's continue, shall we? six days to default, default of the u.s. treasury. the stock market is taking a dip. the dow jones industrial average down today, 198 points. joining me now from washington, let's go straight to the associate editor of "the hill." a.b., good to have you on. is this what it would take to get one side or the other to
1:04 pm
blink? are things up there beginning to look a little more urgent as u.s. lawmakers are looking at the numbers from wall street? >> well, it's always frightening to the members who are here for the historic vote on the troubled asset relief program in fall of 2008. but there's a lot of newcomers who were not there for that vote who think t.a.r.p. was a toxic vote, who deny that it was successful and who are dug in on, you know, hopes that they can pass something with deeper cuts, that they can get a balanced budget amendment, and their numbers now are somewhere between 20 or more. the speaker is not going to give anymo any more. he says it's the only plan that can pass. he hopes by tomorrow he can have 217 republicans. he says he knows he'll only get a few democrats, maybe three or so. he needs to come up with 217
1:05 pm
republicans. he's trying to assure them the leverage, as the market drops and we get closer to the deadline on tuesday, that their leverage will only diminish, it will not increase. >> well, speaking of the house republicans you mentioned, he needs 217. we know they're also trying to, you know, rework this plan. it started with faulty numbers, has little chance of passing. they also, a.b., i'm sure you know, they watched -- this is yesterday, i guess a rallying point, the movie clip from "the town" about bank robbers trying to get rally -- you fight the democrats. not quid kidding. the senate democrats are working on their own math-challenged plan, i should point out, as well. the reid plan. the white house is saying the ball is really in congress' court. is there anything of substance happening there on the hill today?
1:06 pm
>> the cbo skered and said the reid plan will save more than the boehner plan. he hopes it will get enough support to bass. that's the one that carries us into 2013 and does not require another fight like this on a vote to raise the debt ceiling. the house speaker's plan, of course, prompts another vote in the next six months. at this point, republicans do not want to sign on to reid's plan. they do not want to give the president a pass on this into 2013, but at this point, the speaker is still scratching for those votes on the house side. if it does, he doesn't know if it can pass the senate. people are talking privately about a compromise that would meld the two bills but we're not at that point yet.
1:07 pm
they need to see those bills fail before they start compromising and merging the two. >> compromise, it's a good word, isn't it? >> it has to happen by tuesday. >> let's stay in washington. let's go live to the co-founder of the tea party patriots. sense we're talking wall street, let's talk wall street with you as well. as we look at the in um ber, i hope you have a monitor in front of you. if you don't, the dow down 198 points today. the number, do these numbers worry you at all? and is it time these two sides get together and compromise? >> no, and we do think compromise is a bad word. if you look at what's happened, compromise has brought us to $14.3 trillion of debt. every day we go in debt, another $4 billion and have enough to b two space shuttles. the people want the government to act responsibly and stop spending more money than they take in. >> so according to you,
1:08 pm
compromise is a dirty word. let's talk about your side, definitely digging in here, defending the proposition of absolutely no new taxes to help raise the national debt. but let me point to a graphic we've created. what do you say to the folks who point out as a percentage of our gdp, americans there look far right to the right, 201 1. that americans are paying less in federal taxes than anytime since -- look all the way to the left there, since the '50s. >> i think the real question is, brooke, ask anybody who pays tack, and remember, almost half of the american public doesn't pay federal taxes anymore. but ask any tax pay fer they're paying too much taxes. >> let's go back to my question, though. let's put the graphic up once again. you will see as a percentage of gdp the taxes that we're paying now. what do you make of that? >> it's not really a question of tax increases or no tax
1:09 pm
increases. they'll spend whatever we give them. they've proven that. we're asking them to do what you have to do, what i have to do, what every citizen has to do. we're asking government to simply live within its means. it's not about raising taxes. >> what do you think of speaker boehner's plan. you know, first off, he did get his numbers wrong. and when it was all said and done, it only saves $850 billion over the course, you know, of ten years. are you surprised he couldn't come up with something bigger? >> i'm surprised at all the plans. really what we're talking about in boehner's plan and reid's plan and whatever boehner comes up with next, with we're talking about phantom cuts. these are cuts that will probably never take place. they're pushed out into the future. that's what these guys do. they avoid the responsibility, they push spending cuts out into the future and they can't bind future congresses, neither legally nor practically speaking. we can promise future spending cuts. they never come. we're not imbreszed with reid's
1:10 pm
plan or boehner's plan. the real plan is to cut spending and live within our means. >> i think also the american public really do fear a doomsday scenario. you know, if the stock market keeps going down, if a default triggers some sort of financial catastrophe, are you at all afraid your side is going to take the blame here because you didn't compromise on taxes? >> no, absolutely not. the only reason there's any fear is because that's what the politicians are selling to them. the president talked about not being able to pay social security checks. that's just a lie. the reality is the money is there. we heard talk of default. you mentioned default. we won't default on our debt obligations unless the president and the treasury secretary choose not tot pay that money. the money exists to pay it. it's roughly 10% of our monthly income. my 12-year-old can do the math. she knows he can pay that debt service every month. faulk of a default is just fear mongering and the american public rp tired of that fear
1:11 pm
mongering. they're adults. they want the real facts and they want a real discussion. >> then is it your feeling that something along the lines of some sort of economic disaster will benefit your side come 2012? come the elections? >> we don't expect to see some sort of economic disaster, and we're not looking at political benefit. unlike the president who's trying to push this out past 2013 so it doesn't affect them in the election or even the republicans that want short term so that it will affect the election, we're not interested in that, we're interested in the economic reality. i know it, you know it, the american citizens know it. you can not continue to spend more money than you take in. what we're asking the president, reid, boehner, what we're asking them all to do is look at what can be cut today. the general accounting office came up with literally hundreds of programs that can be cut today. why do we still have those programs? that's where the real discussion begins and ends.
1:12 pm
out of texas, police have discovered the dismembered body of a missing mother of two. the woman's ex-husband and new wife are charged with murder.
1:13 pm
the eagle flies at dawn.
1:14 pm
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1:15 pm
parents. let me start introducing those involved in this gorry drama. if you have kids in the room, this is your chance to walk them out. 27-year-old laurie ackerson, a working mother with two young sons. then there's this couple, grant hayes and his new wife amanda. they have a 1-year-old baby daughter. hayes is a musician, he's also laura ackerson's ex-boyfriend and father of her two young boys. a couple weeks ago, ackerson dropped her boys off with hayes and that very day police believe hayes and his new wife killed ackerson and then cut her body into pieces. they are then accused of packing those pieces into these coolers. stuffing them in a rented u haul trailer and driving more than 1,000 miles from north carolina to texas and dumping her remains in a murky creek southwest of houston. so these divers, they're equipped with sonar equipment.
1:16 pm
they found a head, a torso and a piece of leg in that creek. dna tests are a match for 22-year-old laura ackerson. grant and amanda hayes have been arrested in north carolina. both were in court just yesterday. i want you to watch the judge yesterday. the judge told amanda hayes, keep in mind, she gave birth to a baby daughter not too long ago. >> ms. hayes, you're charged with first degree murder. if convicted or if you plead guilty to that offense, the maximum punishment will be life without parole or the death penalty. and i'm going to go ahead and appoint the public defender to represent you. if for some reason, you want to hire your own lawyer, that's always an option. >> thank you, ma'am. >> and bond, there isn't a bond. >> grant hayes is also being held without bond on the same charge. his father is caring for those little children he had with laura ackerson and amanda hayes. and now, if it is interesting, if it's happening right now,
1:17 pm
you're about to see it. rapid fire, let's begin here with stunning pick cltures out south korea. dozens of people killed when a hillside gave way, swamping an entire village. look at the pictures happening east of seoul monday night. without warning, months of rainfall weakened the soil, sending a wall of mud tumbling. hundreds of families have lost their homes. do you remember the georgia woman we talked about yesterday, she was convicted in the death of her 4-year-old son after darting into traffic. she will receive a new trial. the mother of three was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 48 hours of community service tuesday for the april 2010 death. nelson and her three children were crossing the street when her 4-year-old boy broke away and ran across the road. n
1:18 pm
he was killed by a drunk driver. and an 80-year-old woman survives after being hit in the face with an arrow. she was sitting in her kitchen when this happened. apparently a neighbor was practicing her archery skills. the prosecutor charged h imwith second degree assault and criminal action. the woman is recovering from her injuri injuries. and as you very well know, there was a launch pad at cape canaveral, florida. it's ready for launch next week. nasa's juneau spacecraft will be spent up towards jupiter. if everything checks out, launch is a go for august 5. it will take just over four years to get there. but once juneau arrives, scientists hope it will help unlock the secrets of jupiter's giant gas interior. and president eisenhower took his final breath there. so did general macarthur.
1:19 pm
in a ceremony marking its 102 years of service, when it closes for good in september, its duties will be disbersed to other medical facilities. and a little girl here just wanted to raise $300 for a clean water charity. she raised $400,000, but she's not the one raising it. she was killed in a pile-up in i-90 over the weekend in washington state. but since then, donations to the group charity water have just taken off. her father described rachel's selfless personality. >> rachel is a really special girl. and i love you very much, rachel and i miss her. her heart was bigger than this room and she always gave -- >> as a result of this tragic accident, rachel's father says her daughter's kidney and liver were donated to help others. coming up next, we are
1:20 pm
getting brand-new video in from oslo, norway, showing the exact moment friday's blast went off. we're going to show it to you. plus the mind of a madman. se abs in america today. automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams. oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪
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1:22 pm
>> we have a couple of stories overseas. there's now outcry over the cent sighting of convicted lockerbie bomber sitting in this wheelchair with a facemask pulled down under his chin. now, this was on libyan state tv yesterday. he was attending a pro gadhafi
1:23 pm
rally. he is the only person convict of the 1998 bombing pan am 103 that went down over lockerbie scotland. he was released on compassionate grounds after doctors claim head had cancer and only had three months to live. to norway now and this new look inside the mind of anders breivik, the suspect inside the twin terror attacks that killed 76 people last friday. we have some new video here. look at this. this was shot inside a store in oslo just as that bomb was going off, the forces, you saw, forcing some of the items off store shelves. after breivik allegedly set off this bomb, as you know, went on to a shooting rampage at a nearby youth camp. but what triggered this violence? we get a better idea of breivik's mindset. . >> reporter: fuelled by drugs and a profound hay dread for islam, norway's most notorious killer wanted to push europe
1:24 pm
into war. >> he said this was necessary to start a war here in europe and throughout the western world. his lawyer says his client didn't think he would live through the ram pain. -- rampage. >> he thought he would be killed after the doming even the action on the island. >> but anders breivik did survive and now the world is asking, what committed th promp to commitment mass murder. details how he would carry out the attacks, down to the song he would play on his it pod during the killings, "luxaterna" from the movie "requium of a dream." i'm pretty sure i will pray to god. as if playing a video game, the writer continues, i have no intention to surrender to them
1:25 pm
until i have completed all three primary objectives and the bonus mission. >> he has a view on the reality, which is very, very difficult to explain. >> the manifesto also relieves details about his personal life. it's not clear who's asking the questions. i consider myself to be a laid back type and quite tolerant on most issues, it reads. he says his parents got divorced when he was only 1. his father and stepmother were diplomats and his stepfather is a retired military officer who spends a lot of time with prostitutes in thailand. he has a good relationship with his four half siblings, according to the document, but especially with a sister who moved to los angeles 14 years ago. as a teenager, the writer said he enjoyed hip-hop music and writing graffiti. his best friend growing up was a pakistani muslim. the nato campaign in serbia, testifies completely
1:26 pm
unacceptable how they bombed our serbian brothers. all they wanted was to drive islams out. it says he became estranged from his dad when he was 15 years old. and breivik's father is now retired and living in france. >> it's impossible to explain. he was just like other boys of his age. i'm not sure what more to say. he was a bit withdrawn. he wasn't very socialable in a way, but he had no extreme tendencies in the period i knew him. >> breivik's father didn't want to show his face on cam remark but he did not shy away from saying what he really thinks of his son. >> in my darkest moments, i think rather than killing all those people, he should have taken his own life. >> do you feel guilty in any way or responsible for what's happened? >> i feel shame and grief for what has happened. i really wish it undone, but it has happened and it's horrible to think about. i'm going to live with this for the rest of my life.
1:27 pm
life long horror and grief, something the victims' families and survivors will know all too well. >> we are hearing more stories now after friday's attacks in norway. you want to watch my interview with this mother of a 16-year-old girl who was at that youth camp on that island friday when that gunman open fired. you can watch it. we'll get it up for you on the blog. the teenager here, this is julie with her mother had the presence of mind to text her mom for two hours off and on during this horrific ordeal. you can hear her mother's entire firsthand account of what happened. how her daughter hid, what she did to survive. mitt romney is topping most presidential polls but there could soon be a new gop front-runner. standing by for your political ticker.
1:28 pm
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1:31 pm
it i understand kates, guess what? if rick perry jumps into the race as we think we probably will, look where he ends up right now? second place, 18%. second straight poll, our poll last week showed the exact same thing. that's why all eyes are on rick perry. he could be very competitive with mitt romney. >> i talked to one of perry's closest advisers. he told me if perry does join the race, you won't see any of these formalities about intending to run, exploratory committee ps. rick perry will not have an exploratory committee if he runs. perry will be all in if he decides to run, which is probably a smart move because he's already doing a lot of those exploratory things, talking to donors, talking to activists. when he runs, he should be ready. it's getting kind of late in the season and he's got to jump in there and make up a lot of
1:32 pm
ground against his contenders. >> let's talk about mitt romney brooke. where was he today? ohio. it looks like romney is running a general election campaign, looking ahead to that already even though the primaries haven't even happened yet. ohio not an early primary state. today he was there talking at a manufacturing plant. it looks like in some ways mitt romney is looking ahead already, trying to look ahead to the general election, going after barack obama. and not really talking about the other guys and the other ladies in the race for the white house on the republican side. i always like to remind viewers, you can get the latest updates on twitter. the first resonders who developed cancer over the course of the last ten years, guess what? they will not get their care paid for under a special program. we'll tell you what's behind that decision. stay right here.
1:33 pm
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1:36 pm
amy wine sds house music sales surge. nfl training camps open their doors, a snub of 9/11 first responders and debt ceiling t k talks. we know the date, clock is talking towards tuesday. any activity there at the white house today. >> hi, brooke, we know the white house -- and we heard this from white house press secretary jay carney a short time ago. the white house is still very much talking with congress at the aide level and also between the president and members of congress. but the big story, brooke, is at the other end of pennsylvania avenue where house republicans, house republican leaders are trying to win over their republican conference and get them behind the boehner plan. the plan the speaker has put forward. what makes it even more difficult is some math that the congressional budget office put forward showing that it doesn't cut as much as the speaker has said it would.
1:37 pm
so now they're back to the drawing board, trying to get some more deficit savings so they can make good on that promise of cutting as much as they increase the debt ceiling. this has delayed a vote that was supposed to take place today until at least tomorrow. that's a roadblock which no one needs when we're six days out of the august deadline. >> as they're looking at the math, right, what is the white house saying in terms of if we hit august 2, the get debt ceiling isn't increased, what happens in terms of the economy? with regard to a default, what then happens? >> this is one of the things i pressed jay carney on today in the press briefing. because some folks have wondered if perhaps this august 2 deadline isn't as hard and fast as the white house is making it out to be. investment firms, some of them have suggested there are more days. and what carney said was that come august 2, according to the treasury analyst, the treasury
1:38 pm
wluzs its borrowing authority and it's at risk of default. he said you'll see a cascading effect that have even though revenue will be coming in, there will be no borrowing authority if the debt ceiling isn't increased by august 2 and at certain points in the days to follow august 2, choices will have to be made. he called this real and dangerous. but brooke, i know you mentioned this earlier when you're out at the grocery store or you're walking your dog or something. this isn't what you hear people talking about. and there's an urgency the white house is feeling that i think a lot of american people are not. >> some people are feeling it president certainly t -- let's numbers and go to alison kosick. the dow is down what close to 200. >> exactly. 198 points today for the dow, more than 2% for the nasdaq and s&p 500. investors are getting anxious at this point. they're not panicking yet.
1:39 pm
traders still think a deal is going to get done. a bigger worry is a downgrade of the aaa credit rating even if a deal is hammered out. not to mention the world perception and just overall confidence in the u.s. so yes, we are seeing the fear play out in the market. gold prices are setting record highs on an almost daily basis at this point. it's a sign that investors are looking for a safe place to park their money while these negotiations continue to play out on capitol hill. >> as we continue to watch that, certainly as we get closer to august 2, something else a lot of people are watching, music sales. 27-year-old amy winehouse music sales are incredible right now. >> they are. there were more of her albums sold in this past week than in the first six months of the year. you know the song "rehab" that's whinehouse's grammy award-winning hit. that's been the most down loaded
1:40 pm
song in her passing. i happened to download "you know i'm no good." >> got both of them on itunes. >> that's a good one. >> yep. >> and digital track sales are up 2,000 brs compared to the previous week and she's also getting a lot of radio air play as well, brooke. >> just listening to her just this morning. it's still so sad. thanks so much. and next up, they risked their lives going through dust and debris to save others on 9/11. and now first reresponders won't get payments for their cancer treatments from a special program. elizabeth cohen is here. talk to me about some of these people. they say they got sick, they say they got cancer from working day in, day out at ground zero. >> i'm sure they're very angry about this news. they are convinced that they got their cancer from working at ground zero. i interviewed one such worker last summer. his jam is -- name is javon tho.
1:41 pm
you can see the stars from the many operations he had. it's a terrible story. and let's take a look at what he says about the connection between his service at ground zero and his cancer. >> so right there, that's where you think your cancer started? >> yes, i'm 100% certain of that. >> how can you so sure? >> it's no coincidence within a year of working there every day i grew a lump in my hand that turned out to be cancer. >> today this federal group says there's no published scientific evidence that can allow us to make that link between cancer and work at ground zero, which is why they're not going to pay for it. the group didn't say there's no link, they just said there's no published data that allows us to make that link right now. >> these first responders are tough, tough men and women. i know they will be fighting back. >> this is not the final word. there are reviews, things that
1:42 pm
they can do. and many politicians who will be fighting fwr them. >> elizabeth, thank you. and finally here on "reporter roulette." after months of fan worry and negotiations between nfl players and owners, training camps, ta-da, they're opening. carool costello is at baltimore training camp. >> i know it doesn't look so exciting but believe me it is. inside that building, joe flacco and other football players are having a series of meetings, supposedly going over playbooks, sort of getting the ball rolling, getting to know each other again, if you will. every so often a player will pop out and say something to reporters waiting. we asked how prepared he was for the coming season. >> i knew we were going to get back to work soon, so i kept practicing, kept preparing myself for when we had to come back to camp. when i got to get back to the meetings. i just enjoyed my time off.
1:43 pm
>> the pla iers in baltimore won't actually take the field friday morning. tomorrow, they have a union meeting for what they're calling a uniyua unionification meeting then tomorrow morning they'll hit the field. >> and that is what we call "reporter roulette." the woman who accused a pound-for-pounderful businessman of attempted rape is trying to convince prosecutors who salvage her case against dominique strauss-ch ahn.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
>> the senate voted unanimously today to keep robert mueller in the cia for two years. now to this -- the hotel maid who accuses the former head of the international monetary fund
1:46 pm
of sexually assaulting her in his pricey new york hotel room, i'm sure you've seen she's been on a bit of a media blitz. a lot of information has come out that raises serious concerns about her own credibility. and today, we do know she met with prosecutors there in manhattan who are trying to decide whether they should pursue or drop the charges against dominique strauss-kahn. why did this maid -- why did she meet with prosecutors today? >> well, my understand is that this investigation is winding itself down, but it is still ongoing. and given the media blitz, the prosecution wanted to speak to her about her version of events as to what happened at the hotel on that day. my understanding is that they're also going to go over that call, that discussion she had with an inmate in prison, that discussion was in her foreign dialect. and so they are -- they do have a translation and they're trying
1:47 pm
to determine whether or not she said i know what i'm doing, this guy has money. of course, her defense team said that's not an accurate interpretation and what the discussion was. but they are at this point trying to figure out whether or not to proceed with this case. >> she did interview with "newsweek" magazine and with abc news. i just want to play a short clip of that setelevision interview. we'll talk about it on the other sides. >> he come to me and grab my breast, no, you don't have to be sorry. i said stop, stop, i don't want to lose my -- he pushed me to the floor. i cannot move. i tried. >> is she at all hurting her
1:48 pm
case by coming forward and talking on national tv. >> putting her name and face in front of the media, this is something that prosecutors don't want to happen. now you have, brooke, yet another version of events in the public do mane. she could be cross-examined on not only the statement she made to hospital workers and investigators but the statements that now we've all heard. i think everyone would agree this was a bad idea if this case was to go forward. what many people think, and i tend to agree, this was her last ditch effort to try to persuade the prosecution to let her have her day in court. >> so if it's last ditch, looking ahead, prediction triem. you know, how might this play out? i know you're a former federal
1:49 pm
prosecutor. how will the prosecutors in the da's office, will they go forward with it or will they drop it? t . >> the great thing is you get to practice both local prosecution and federal prrg. so i have a little bit of experience in this area. this is a difficult case for the prosecution to prove. the defense here is that it was consensual act. so you really have to put her on the wince stand. if she can't be believed, they can't prove the case. and so my sense is that this case may be dropped. but i want to say this -- and i think it's very important. just because the prosecution cannot prove this case and if this prosecution decides not tot go forward does not mean that this woman was not attacked. it will only mean that they believe that they cannot prove their case in front of a jury. >> that's an important point to make, sunny hostin. thank you very much.
1:50 pm
good to see you. we talked about this a couple of times. have you actually heard this movie clip that was played to inspire house republicans when they were talking debt, take a look. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is, you can't ever ask me about it later and we're going to hurt some people. >> whose car are we going to take? >> yeah, ben affleck might not like that. we'll explain why. didn't really know what i wanted to do. didn't like high school. and then i met my teacher, mr. mccooey, and that click happened. i would never have even thought about going into the engineering field if it wasn't for these ap classes, these teachers and them helping me realize that this is a major calling in my life. ♪ i didn't always know that i would like math, but now i think it'll change my life.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
woft blitzer and his team working hard in washington prepping for sit room in a matter of minutes. who do you have on the show today?
1:53 pm
>> if you remember last week, congresswoman debbie wasserman-shultz was bitterly criticized by her colleague from florida. she's a democrat and chair of the dnc as well. allen west, a tea party supporter, he's the republican from district just north of her district in florida and he ca called her at one point because they were fighting over medicare cuts, vile, repugnant. today he's going to be on the show and he's responding to debbie wasserman-shultz. she didn't receive an apology. he's going to explain why he is in no mood to apologize to debbie wasserman-shultz. he's also here as part of a debate with another tea party advocate. joe walsh opposes the speaker's plan to deal with the debt ceiling, this vote that's supposed to come up in the house floor tomorrow. allen west supports the speaker. so they're going to debate that. but it was a moment -- i just wanted to give allen west a chance to respond to debbie
1:54 pm
wasserman-shultz and all the people complaining about west's comments regarding her. jay carney, the white house press secretary. we'll get the latest on what the president is doing right now to deal with this crisis. i must say, as you know, it is a crisis. >> it is, and wolf, on a much lighter note, i want you to stick around for this next store are i. i'm embarrassed this has been stuck in hi head all day. ♪ statutory budget restraints raise the debt ceiling raise the debt ceiling ♪ >> he's not doing the dougy. >> i was saying i don't know if you can dougy to this song. >> i could certainly dougy to this song. he's just doing an excellent job with a little wrapping. you know what my song of the day today is? >> what's that? >> and you're probably too young to remember this one. but "it's the end of the world as we know it".
1:55 pm
>> and i feel fine? r.e.m. >> i'm worried about what's going on. it's the end of the world as we know it. >> wolf, you can talk r.e.m. i'm going to talk about this guy who's a star on youtube. on the. how does it do that? well, to get there, a lot of complicated engineering goes into every one. like variable valve timing and turbocharging, active front grille shutters that close at high speeds, and friction reducing -- oh, man, that is complicated. how about this -- cruze eco offers 42 miles per gallon. cool? ♪
1:56 pm
a living, breathing intelligence that's helping drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪
1:57 pm
alas after all this talk, we knew it was bound to happen, right, joe johns? a hot new summer dia. ?
1:58 pm
-- jam? >> yeah, it's hilarious. the video is pretty funny. it's called what else? "raise the debt ceiling." it's got some eminem thing going on. it still holtdhold holds togeth concept. it's comedy, of course. i never imagined i would actually see a video that discussed anythings like quantitative easing, there you go. he has another rap about arlington, virginia, which is equally hilarious, but only if you've ever lived here. >> which i have. he's kind of a big deal within the beltway, a la youtube clips. i'll tweet out the link if you would like to hear it yourself. there's more buzz about house republicans. a movie about bank robbers, what they're listening to when they talk debt?
1:59 pm
>> the movie is called "the town" and republicans played a clip of the movie, affleck is in the movie, telling his buddy he needs some help, a lot of trust. i need your help, i can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later and we're going to hurt some people. >> which car are we going to take? >> so they show this clip and then in the meeting, republican congressman allen west volunteers if figuratively to drive the car for the republican leadership, but not lost on all of this is what the affleck character in the movie actually does. he and his buddy basically engage in a violent beatdown of a couple of other guys at an apartment. and then suddenly this movie starts provoking jabs from democrats, including affleck. the huffington post reports that affleck says republicans ought to watch his movie "company


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